Drywall Installation

Let our helpful and experienced staff handle all your drywall texture needs.

There are two basic drywall finish styles: smooth and textured. Textured finishes range from light to medium and heavy, with both simple and complex textures. There are two types of smooth wall finish: smooth for wallpaper and smooth for paint (smooth for paint leaves a slight pebble finish).

Most people elect to keep their walls unfinished in garages, storage and other work areas. A sprayed drywall texture is the most popular application method today. It uses less labor and isn't as costly as hand-applied finishes.

Duane Richter coined the phrase "borracho" several years ago and it is a popular hand finish used by many builders to provide a very unique look.

If you are matching existing drywall and having it professionally installed, it's important to let your service professional know the size and texture type so a more accurate estimate can be delivered.