At Richter Drywall we are dedicated to providing:

  • Fast response
  • Good People
  • Quality Material
  • Radio Dispatch
  • Fair Prices

Richter Drywall has been one of Paul Allen Homes' "key contractors" for over 20 years. Duane Richter and his team continuously provide us with a great product and consistent good customer service. As a custom home builder we always strive to develop new features that are beautiful in design as well as unique. By creating his own flair of "hand trowel" texture Duane Richter has developed a certain look that has become very popular with our clients. When called to perform difficult tasks, such as frameless door openings, Richter Drywalls' craftsmanship exceeds by far the industry standard. We are proud to have Duane Richter as part of our construction team, and I consider him a personal friend.


Paul G. Allen
President of Paul Allen Homes, Inc.

To whom it may concern:

As a builder of fine hill country homes we at Robert S. Thornton, Great Homes have grown to have a wonderful and longstanding relationship with Duane Richter and Richter Drywall, Inc. Duane and staff have served us beautifully for the past ten years with complete commitment to satisfaction. They are well staffed, timely, knowledgeable and competitive in their endeavors. We are pleased to have Richter Drywall as an integral part of our contracting team.


Robert S. Thornton
Robert S. Thornton, LP, Great Homes